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Environmental policy

Our commitment to environmental management forms the basis of our existence and our pursuits. Company shall comply with the following guidelines and work to achieve the aims of its environmental policy:
1.       Compliance with environmental legislation:
To strictly observe governmental legislation related to environment protection
2.       Caring for the natural environment:
To minimize any undesirable environmental impacts caused by our operations.
3.       Efficient use of energy and resources:
To be mindful of the finite availability of energy and resources and to use them both efficiently and effectively.
4.       Promotion of businesses and research of technologies that contribute to environmental preservation:
To promote business projects, thet contribute to environmental preservation and reducing of the impact of society on the natural environment and to research and implement technologies that will have a positive impact on the environment
5.       Building of a recycling-oriented society:
To actively participate in building a recycling-oriented society by reducing waste and reusing and recycling resources.