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Quality assurance

Brand NTE - a synonym for quality assurance at every moment!

Manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products is subjected to strict quality control at all production stages by the manufacturer and also by quality control specialists at NTE Quality Center. By using advanced testing and measuring devices, as well as strict quality policy, we guarantee that each supplied by us bearing corresponds with the highest standards of quality.

In addition to implementing its own testing and measurement process, we provide regular quality audits of NTE bearings conducted by external independent laboratories based in producing countries. NTE focuses on defect prevention rather than final inspection. Our partnering factories are ISO certified and each product is manufactured following a quality control plan and accompanied by inspection reports. Our goal is to continue to increase our Cp and Cpk indices through the efforts of our technical teams.

Quality of NTE bearings cannot be considered granted: it is the result of hard work, dedication and expertise of the NTE team!